Academy Mission Statement:

The District 4 Academy League was created to provide a quality soccer experience for players between the ages of 6 through 8 who are making the transition from recreational soccer to competitive soccer through this developmental program. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and instructional environment that promotes player development and fair play. Alignment of teams will be done at coaches meeting before both seasons in fall and spring.

The Basics:

Youth Development League (YDL) 2016-2017
Basics for team formation purposes
Format: 4v4 – No Goalie
Roster Size:  Min of 4  Max 8
Field size: 45x30
Goal Size:  4x6
Ball Size: 3
Game length:  4 - 12 min quarters with a 2 min break in between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 quarters with a 5 min half time.
Players must be born in the year 2010 ( Jan1st – Dec 31st)
Coach and Assistant Coach must have a F license
Referee:  1 center ref  cost $12 per game per team
U8- ( this group will play under the current Academy U8 perimeters)
Format: 6 v6 – 5 players plus a Goalie
Roster size: Min of 6  MAX 10
Field Size:  60x40
Goal Size:  6 1/2 x 18
Ball Size: 4
Game length: 2- 25 min halves with a 5 min. halftime
ONLY 2 U7 players are allowed on roster
Coach and Assistant Coach must have a F license
Referee:  1 center ref cost $12 per game per team

The YDL will no longer have U9 teams in the league.  All U9 teams will play in the State X League
Applicable to both U7 and U8 groups
Guest Play

1.   Teams will be allowed to “borrow” other players from other teams within
        their own club.
2.   Coach must designate the players on roster who are guest players and who
        is not playing
3.    YDL players can ONLY guest play with in the Youth Development League.
4.   Players can only guest play within their own age group
5.    NO X-League players will be allowed to guest play
Registration Fee:  $70 PLUS the convince fee changed by Affinity